what is this

I'm a musician / producer / developer / artist kind of person named Peter Adams. I've released a handful of albums under that name which you can check out here.

These are interactive music videos that I'm releasing as A Number From the Ghost. Kinda like a video game. But the only objective is to explore and listen.

Inspiration from early computer animation, endless museums, video stores, summer dreams, carpeted dens, the excitement of waking up on a Saturday morning, and the inexplicable dread of being alive.

You can support me by buying music on Bandcamp or donating on Buy me a Coffee!

Built with threejs. Running on Vite. Much knowledge was imparted by threejs journey. I used Blender for 3D modeling. The music was made with Ableton Live. I used Tone.js to sync everything up.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram where I go into more detail about the process.

Peter Adams